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MrKleanze, LLC focuses on detail cleaning of a picked up house. It is so hard, with our busy lives to have to take our weekends and first pick up the house, and then clean it. By the time you get to cleaning it, you are over it, and ready to have some fun with your limited time off. That is where we come in.

We would perform these services for you:
Detail cleaning of your bathroom, including sink, vanity, mirrors, tub, toilet, shower, and floors--focusing on corners. We will remove the trash and put out fresh towels for your

Dusting, including baseboards, ceiling fans, and blinds. We actually move contents on your shelves/flat surfaces and dust under them and put them back.

Vacuuming all floors.

Mopping hard floors (including hardwood)

Detail cleaning kitchen including counter tops, refrigerater, outside of cabinet doors, inside and out of microwave, and outside of all appliances. We will remove your trash and put in a fresh can liner.

Make beds or change sheets, whichever you prefer. Just leave clean sheets out on the foot of the bed if you want them changed.

(Laundry, picking up, and doing dishes is not part of our maid service offering.)

With move in/move out--Moving is hard. The last thing you want to do after everything is packed and loaded is clean up the old house. Have us do it for you and move on to your fresh new location. While you are at it, have us clean and sanitize your new home. We will dust and vacuum. We will clean your bathrooms and kitchens. We even clean and sanitize the insides of cabinets and drawers for you prior to your moving your belongings in.

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